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On behalf of the Organizing Committee we cordially welcome you to the 13 IANR (International Association of Neurorestoratology) Meeting and International Conference "Stem cells: therapeutic outlook for nervous system disorders", which, in this form for the first time, will be held in Poland.
Our conference will focus on:
1) translational medicine and its impact on research and clinical communities from around the world
2) the recent advances in research on molecular mechanisms involved in central nervous system functioning in health and disease, as well as
3) implementation of novel experimental therapies to the neurological clinic.
All participants will have the opportunity to attend interesting lectures and present their latest results in poster form. We are looking forward to your enthusiastic interest and participation.
We believe, that the Conference provides an opportunity to exchange the results of preclinical and clinical studies, views, ideas and technologies presented by excellent scientists from around the world.

You are welcome to our free online meetings...

Organizing Committee


Scientific Committee


Anna Sarnowska
Polish Academy of Sciences
Chairman of 13th Annual Conference of IANR, Secretary of Cell Therapy Team of the Central Nervous System Diseases
Leonora Bużańska
Polish Academy of Sciences
Vice Chairman of IANR & Director of Mossakowski Medical Research Centre
† Krystyna Domańska-Janik
Polish Academy of Sciences
President of Cell Therapy Team of the Central Nervous System Diseases

Hongyun Huang
Founding President of IANR
Institute of Neurorestoratology, General Hospital of Chinese Armed Police Forces
Wise Young
Honorary President of IANR
Founding Director, W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience
Ziad M. AlZoubi
President of IANR
Consultant Spinal & Orthopedic Surgery Honorary president Pan Arab Spine Society (PASS) Ex. president International Association of Neurorestoratology (IANR). Honorary professor, Spine Surgery. Founder Ex. president, Jordanian Spine Society.

International Advisory Board:

Abdel-Rahman Zekri (Egypt)
Adeeb Al Zoubi (Jordan)
Ali Otom (Jordan)
Al Mudena Ramon Cueto (Spain)
Andrey Bryukhovetskiy (Russia)
Giovanni Tosi (Italy)
Hosny Salama (Egypt)
Klaus von Wild (Germany)

Kyoung-Suok Cho (South Korea)
Liming Cheng (China)
Lin Chen (China)
Mari Dezawa (Japan)
Michael Chopp (USA)
Milan Dimitrijevic (USA)
Russell Andrews (USA)
Sang Ryong Jeon (South Korea)
Shinn-Zong Lin (Taiwan)
Teresita Moviglia (Argentina)
Wajih El Masry (UK)

Honorary President of IANR:

† Geoffrey Raisman (UK)

Core Committee of IANR:

Gustavo Moviglia (Argentina)
Shiqing Feng (China)
Hooshang Saberi (Iran)
Hari Sharma (Sweden)
Alok Sharma (India)
Dafin F. Muresanu (Romania)
Xijing He (China)

Past President of IANR:

Hari Shanker Sharma (Sweden)
Hooshang Saberi (Iran)
Shiqing Feng (China)
Gustavo A. Moviglia (Argentina)


*Mossakowski Medical Research Institute, PAS
* International Association of Neurorestoratology
* Committee of Neurological Sciences, PAS - Cell Therapy Team of the Central Nervous System Diseases


Mossakowski Medical Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences
Pawinskiego Str. 5; 02-106 Warszawa


* open access to on-line Conference *
no registration needed



Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Wspólna Str. 1/3, 00-529 Warszawa
ph. 22 529 27 18
e-mail: kancelaria@mein.gov.pl


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